Mr T’s is a family run business, on the 31 May 2020 we decided to open up to the public during a pandemic & we did this in memory of a family member that passed away on the 31 May 2019.
We literally started with a couple of products and an instagram account ! Our Instagram blew up almost over night. When we started out we were aged 21, 18 & 16 we were the youngest in the area doing anything like this. Sales and our customer base grew each and every month, even during the first couple of lockdowns.
Our customer service is something we are very proud of as none of us have ever worked in retail before, but this is something that gets mentioned a lot to us. We gain new customers even now, when we are almost a year in from recommendations.
We have slowly built up our product range all based on what customers have asked us for & with products we have tried ourselves and tested.
Alex who was 16 years old at the time we opened was our top researcher in terms of product labels, he could tell you what every ingredient would do and how much you would need and when to take a product. He is also invested into body building and is always testing his limits.
We have also come away from a lot of the products we initially stocked, as we seen a gap in the Wolverhampton area for certain products & we decided to stock some brands that you can’t typically get in Wolverhampton like Strom’s Support Max range for example. We offer customers a service you don’t often get elsewhere, if you want a product we will try our hardest to source it for no extra cost & this is usually next working day. Since we started we have gained customers who are like family to us and supported us even when times were hard & we appreciate every one of you! We look forward to seeing you in store & now on our new improved website, thank you for choosing us to shop with.