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GET A GREAT GRIP: Grab hold of poles, surfaces and gym equipment with premium quality liquid hand chalk created to ensure a sturdy and firm grip on weights, walls and any solid surface. Maximize gripping power and endurance from our premium grade (light) magnesium carbonate.

ELIMINATES SWEAT: Keeps skin / surfaces dry by absorbing moisture and sweat. Our rapid drying Liquid Chalk stays on your hands and NOT on your clothes – No messy powder or dust in the air (and with our formula, you won’t have to worry about constantly reapplying).

REDUCES BACTERIA: We use a rapid drying alcohol that has ANTI-BACTERIAL properties. This ensures that your skin and surfaces it is applied to remains clean and sterile. It does not contain any impurities and actually has a great scent of LEMON / ORANGE fragrance. You’ll feel and smell the difference in quality immediately!

GREAT FOR LIFTING: Used for Gym, Powerlifting, Pole Dancing, CrossFit, Rock Climbing, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Gymnastics, Golf, Athletics, Racket Sports, Martial Arts, Bouldering, Yoga and anywhere the grip and dry hands are essential. Say “Goodbye” to Sweaty Hands!
100% GUARANTEED: You will love your Quick Grip Liquid Chalk! For any reason, if you are not satisfied, you can return it for a 100% money-back guarantee. We value every one of our customers and strive to make sure your satisfaction is our number one priority.

About The Quick Grip Liquid Chalk:

Do you struggle with your GRIP? That’s why Quick Grip decided to formulated a premium grade Anti-Bacterial Liquid Chalk. Quick Grip Liquid Chalk has been tried and tested by professional athletes from a variety of different sports. Their feedback was critical in determining the product we have today. It can be used in all of your training sessions to reduce sweating and improve gripping power and endurance. A strong and reliable grip can enhance performance whilst providing you with additional confidence.
Some Liquid Chalk products are heavily watered down to reduce costs, however we pride ourselves in using premium grading ingredients. For example, we use (Light) Magnesium Carbonate in our formula.

Scientific Demonstration:

Scientific studies demonstrate that (Light) Magnesium Carbonate which is what we use in Quick Grip, provides significantly more gripping power and endurance in comparison to regular cheap liquid chalk brands. Furthermore, we have used a rapidly drying alcohol-based solution that aims to sanitise and reduce bacteria on your skin and/or surface that it is applied to.

How To Use:

Apply a small amount to the palms of your hand and rub in. The formula will dry instantly and last for hours! To remove wash hands with soap and water.


Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Pole Fitness, Martial Arts, Racket Sports, CrossFit, Bowling, Yoga, Golf, Athletics and many other pursuits.

For any reason, if you are not satisfied with our Quick Grip Liquid Chalk, simply send it back to us under our 100% money-back guarantee.

Additional information

Nutrition information

1 kapsułka

Vitamin C (from PureWay-C®)

1000 mg (1250%*)

Citrus bioflavonoids

25 mg